Vendors/ Ministries


Concession vendors are welcome to provide food and drinks at SoulStock. There is a vendor fee and SoulStock receives a percentage of the vendor’s gross sales. All vendors must be prepared to be inspected by the local health inspector the day before SoulStock. Vendor spaces are limited so please make your request as early as possible.

Coolers will not be allowed inside the Spirit of America Field fenced area. Attendees are encouraged to support our food vendors with their patronage. Vendors are encouraged to price the food items reasonably.

For more information, please contact Vendor Information

Ministry Booths

A tented area is available to approved ministry booths. There are a limited number of spaces. Guidelines for ministry booths include:
• Always be courteous and respectful to all
• No merchandise sales allowed
• All handouts/-“give-aways” must be approved
For more information and to check availability, contact Ministry Booths