“We have had a very hard two years financially and are like hermits and can hardly go anywhere.  When we heard of this (SoulStock), we were very excited.  My daughter had a band award night to go to but skipped out because we needed this on so many levels.  We packed two vehicles and pulled together gas money and went for the best time in a long time.  We also brought teens that didn’t have any money, but they received more than any of us could ever pay for (especially in our hearts).  Thank you for keeping it free because many would not be able to attend and get a word or the heart nourishing that this provided.  A million thanks for everything.” – Anonymous attendee

“I’m writing this short note to tell you how blessed I have been to be a part of SOULSTOCK for 3 out of the last 4 years!  When I was invited to lead worship in 2001 for this “little” festival in Alabama, I didn’t know what to expect.  Now, 4 years later and over 20,000 people strong, I can honestly say this is my favorite festival out of all the ones I play at each year.”

“Very rarely do I come across a group of people from such diverse denominational backgrounds who are so united in their cause—lifting up the name of Jesus!  This festival isn’t about promoting a denomination, a church, a group of people or a religion.  The focus of SoulStock is simple—lift up Jesus so that people can come to know him as their Lord and Savior.  Every cent, every minute and every drop of sweat is spent toward this one goal.”

“If you haven’t had a chance to join us in the past, I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to SoulStock, personally.  I’m not inviting you to join a club or to come to an event.  I’m simply inviting you to be a part of something bigger than you—bigger than all of us—the body of Christ working together for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  Lives are being touched and changed and won back for the cause of Christ…”

“Thanks again…” – Jeff Deyo

“I went to SoulStock 2001 alone…  Looking back I was alone in sooooo many ways.  In the 4 years previous, I had been through two divorces and the death of my only brother.  I was VERY hurt and angry… angry at people for how they treated me and especially at God for allowing this all to happen.  I had gotten so wrapped up in Jeffrey’s lil’ pity party to see just how blessed I was.  While Darrel Scott was speaking at SoulStock, God was speaking to me.  He told me that I had not been using my ‘talents’ that He had given me and that He and I were going on an ‘adventure’.  Over the next year many, many things would happen that could only been the work of God.  Exactly one year later, at SoulStock 2002, I found myself playing with a local Christian band, ATC.  Here we are, preparing for SoulStock 2003 and I am amazed and so thankful for the way God has used the SoulStock ministry to fuel change in my life. Had I not gone to SoulStock 2001, chances are I would not be alive today, but through God’s grace and love I am alive…more alive than I have ever been!  Everyday I thank God for bringing me to this place and seek His will and purpose as I go through my day and rejoice in this ‘adventure’ that He has given me.”  –Jeffrey

“THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING that you and your incredible team did to make The Birdsongs feel so welcome and so much a part of what God is accomplishing at SoulStock!!!”

“You all went far beyond anything we expected. SoulStock is, by far, the finest festival we have been honored to play/minister at! We have been and will continue to pray for a great harvest of souls to follow the seeds planted into so many hearts.”

“Again…THANK YOU”… “for your love of God and people and for allowing my family to witness the unity of God’s people in action!! Let’s turn the world upside down once again in the name and power of Christ!”   –Wendell of the The Birdsongs