Q: How do I volunteer to work at Soulstock and what is involved?
A: We try to set up our volunteers through churches. If your church is interested in being part of the volunteer program click on volunteer for more information. If your church is not interested but you are please see our Volunteer page for contact information.

Q: I am bringing a group to SoulStock. What can you tell me to help prepare? How may we find overnight lodging?
A: We encourage you to bring a big group. We are encouraging everyone to bring a friend who doesn’t know the Lord. The greatest preparation you can do is spend time in prayer for your group and all the events surrounding SoulStock. If you need group lodging information, please call 800-232-5449 or email at www.decaturcvb.org.

Q: What are the prices for admission and parking?
A: Admission to Soulstock is free to the public. It is funded primarily by sponsorships of local churches, businesses, and individuals. It is our goal to add more churches as sponsors of this ministry. To find out how your church can become a sponsoring church, click on Sponsors. There will be boxes available at the event for those who wish to contribute and please patronize our vendors as we receive a percentage of the profits to help fund our expenses.

Standard parking is free. Premium parking will be available for $5 per vehicle. Handicap parking is available for vehicles with handicap permit. Bus parking is also available.

Q: Do you have a scheduled time when the singers are performing and the speakers are preaching?
A: Yes, a Schedule of Events will be announced and posted on the website close to the date of the event. As with all festival events it isn’t unusual to be running a bit behind schedule.

Q: Do you just sit anywhere on the ground?
A: Soulstock is an outdoor event on a beautifully turfed soccer field. Blankets or lawn chairs are the best way to go. Please do not bring beach umbrellas with spike ends as there is an underground sprinkler system on the Point Mallard Spirit of America field that could be damaged. If it is sunny, be prepared to get hot, and protect yourself from sun exposure with sunscreen, hats, personal-sized umbrellas (as parasols), etc. In the event of rain, be prepared to get wet as we worship! A limited number of pop-up type tents will be allowed in the back near the fence on a first come, first serve basis and as room allows. You may have to take down the tent in case of high winds.

Q: Can my dog come to SoulStock?
A: Pets ARE NOT ALLOWED in the fenced Spirit of America Field area.

Q: Do you stay in one place all day? Can you save your place? I lost my _____!
A: You may leave your blanket, chairs, etc. on the ground and be in one spot for the entire day. Please respect other people’s areas and items. Soulstock is not responsible for lost items but do check at the Soulstock tent to the left of the stage to see if someone turned them in.

Q: Can I bring a cooler to SoulStock?
A: There will be a variety of vendors present who help support this ministry by being there. Their products are reasonably priced and it is our wish that you support them. Please do not bring coolers into the fenced Spirit of America Field area. There are picnic areas available for your use nearby inside Point Mallard Park. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on Point Mallard property.

Q: Can I bring a skateboard, football, Frisbee or other sports equipment?
A: We would prefer that you kick back and listen to the awesome music. But if you must play while you listen, please do so in the far back of or outside of the fenced Spirit of America field, and be respectful of other people there enjoying the music.

Q: What time does SoulStock start and end?
A: Gates will open at 6:00 PM on Friday and 1:00 PM on Saturday, and we probably will be finished by 11:00 PM each night.

Q: Do you mind if I smoke?
A: SoulStock is a smoke-free event and Spirit of America Field at Point Mallard is a smoke-free facility.

Q: What kind of food is available?
A: There will be a large variety of foods available. These include: hamburgers, hotdogs, barbeque, Cajun food, pizza, funnel cakes, dipping dots, and others. Refreshments includess soft drinks, water, lemonade, smoothies, etc.

Q: Can I buy a T-Shirt?
A: Official SoulStock T-shirts will be available in the merchandise tents and at the Pepsi vendor.